A UNICEF report states that Maldives, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are the top three countries in South Asia to reduce the number of child marriages.

Although South Asia is doing great efforts in reducing the rate of child marriages, it will still take the region another 55 years to completely eradicate this practice.

According to the report, around 18% of girls in Pakistan become child brides and this number is around 1.9 million. This suggests that one in six girl in Pakistan is married off before her 18th birthday.

The good news is that the child marriage rate in Pakistan, which is 19%) currently, is somewhat better than the neighbouring countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India and Bhutan.

A UNICEF statement read, “Girls who marry in childhood face immediate and lifelong consequences. They are less likely to remain in school, and face an increased risk of early pregnancy, in turn increasing the risk of child and maternal health complications and mortality. It further said, “Worldwide, conflict, climate-related disasters, and the ongoing impacts of Covid-19 — especially rising poverty, income shocks, and school dropout — are helping to increase the drivers of child marriage. [It is] also making it difficult for girls to access health care, education, social services and community support that protect them from child marriage.”

Catherine Russell, UNICEF Executive Director said, “It requires unwavering support for vulnerable girls and families. We must focus on keeping girls in school and making sure they have economic opportunities.”

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