Pakistanis are meme champions. No matter how serious or tense a situation is, our memers find a way to make everyone laugh with their tongue-in-cheek humor. This year too was filled with memes –  be it about burning the prohibited drugs, Pakistan getting almost knocked out in T-20, or politics – you are bound to have a laugh about the situation.

It all started with the meme fest Adnan Siddiqui sparked on the internet after posting this selfie of himself from the “destruction ceremony” of drugs organized by Customs Enforcement of Karachi and within minutes, he became an internet sensation.

Here is the original picture

The meme fest begins!

Load shedding in Pakistan is the most common problem. However, seems like people are not worried about it anymore. They are laughing about it instead. Good!

The famous TV Host Nida Yasir’s memes were still relevant when PM Imran Khan was asked to leave the office in a dramatic turn of events.

Even the No Confidence Motion made us laugh

Buying bread like this?

Remember Shiza and Fizza?

Junaid Akram always makes us laugh, right?

Picture: Facebook

Last but not the least, Cricket memes

These memes were on top throughout the year, during Asia Cup and ICC T20 World Cup 2022.

Picture: Instagram

Memes Trending in Pakistan
Picture: Twitter

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