School of Leadership (SoL); the leading leadership development organization of Pakistan has announced this year’s Junior Leaders Conference (JLC 2019). This marks the 10th year of the conference, which is scheduled to take place from December 22 – 24, 2019 at Dreamworld Resort, Karachi.

Designed exclusively for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 16 years from across Pakistan, JLC is the flagship program of SoL and living proof of the organization’s commitment towards developing leaders who will shape the future of the country.

Hailing from various rural and urban areas and different socio-economic backgrounds, these 250 teenagers are brought together under one roof over three days in an environment that is conducive to the discovery of self.

With its unique blend of experiential learning, interactive sessions, simulations and group-based activities, JLC focuses on learning with a thematic overview. This year’s theme ‘Transformers – GenZ Leaders’ will focus on the aspects of Character, Confidence and Community, with thematic discussions across the three days, to help youngsters prepare themselves to become future leaders of the country.

Leading motivational speakers and trainers, including Shireen Naqvi, Waqar Ali, and Maalik Khaskhely will also be present throughout the conference, to help participants contextualize their learnings.

JLC’19 will be a fusion of innovation and inspiration which will urge participants to look at future possibilities. The conference also seeks to foster a sense of social responsibility through post-conference social action projects.

School of Leadership’s Chief Executive Officer, Waqar Ali adds “JLC is a source of inspiration for the youngsters of this country. As parents, we invest in opportunities that focus on building character, confidence, and exposure for children early on in life. JLC is a platform where these youngsters are given direction and a sense of responsibility to realize their potential. Through experiential learning, we create multiple opportunities for these youngsters to take charge of their lives, and decide on their careers while focusing on instilling confidence and exposure in them.”

Rameez Khalil, the lead for JLC 2019 says, “JLC is a game-changer. It provides teenagers with the direction, confidence, and the ability to embark on a journey of exploring themselves and their true potential. It is high time we prepare the world for the GenZ who are ready to transform the world. Teens today are confident, rebellious, more aware, tech-savvy, entrepreneurial and inspiring. They want to make this world a better place. Together, with the three-day event, we will encourage these youngsters to shape their character, build confidence, and make the community a better place to live”.

School of Leadership does not stand alone in this life-changing initiative and is supported by private and social sector organizations over the years, including Viper Technologies, Edenrobe Kids, Bachaa Party, Super Space, Suno FM 89.4, Walnut PR, and Jang Media Group.