110 Year Old Saudi Woman
Image: Arab News

A Saudi Woman defied societal norms and broke barriers when she decided to go back to school at the age of 110.

The woman named Nawda Al-Qahtani belongs to the Umwah governorate in Saudi Arabia and is a mother of four.

Al Qahtani is now attending Al-Rahwa Center and has become an inspiration for many. Each day, she goes to the centre to join 50 more students from different ages and backgrounds. Together, they all learn about the basics of reading and writing along with the Quranic verses.

Al Qahtani is very much serious about her education and regrets that she did not get this opportunity at the right time. She also thinks that things would have been different if she has not delayed her education this much. The old lady thinks that this was a challenging choice, however, she was able to do this due to the support of her family.

Al Qahtani joined the educational institution as part of the Saudi government‘s initiative to eradicate illiteracy in the country. She goes to the center with her 60-year-old son.

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