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Pakistan is one of the 20 countries which are likely to get excessive rainfall this year, as predicted by the United Nations’ Globally Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS) of the food and agricultural organization (FAO).

The report also suggests that while 20 countries will receive more rain than usual 42 countries are also facing a threat of the El Nino effects. The countries where rainfall can be excessive include: 🔸Afghanistan


🔸 Argentina

🔸 Azerbaijan

🔸 Bhutan

🔸 Bhu­tan


🔸 Kenya

🔸 Kyrgyzstan

🔸 Pakistan



🔸 Paraguay


🔸United States

🔸 Uzbekistan

The report also highlighted the countries where dry weather conditions caused by El Nino can impact the production of cereals, initiating food insecurity.

The latest Hunger Hotspots report has already predicted that in 2022, more Thay 222 million people in 53 countries will face acute good insecurity. The report further says that this is going to be the third consecutive La Nina event, which is a very rare event and has happened only twice since 1950.

La Nina events are associated with more than usual wet conditions in Australia and drier than usual weather condos in the US, South America

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