Food trucks in Karachi are gaining a lot of attention recently. Not only are they fun to look at, they also offer an amazing experience where you stand in front of a truck while your order is being prepared. Sounds very movie-ish, isn’t it? It certainly is a great feeling. To help you decide which food truck to head to next, here are our 3 most favourites.

Street Dudes

Do you also drool while looking at those crispy Korean Corn Dogs videos on the internet wondering if you will ever be able to eat them? Let us tell you that they are now very much available in Karachi at Street Dudes. This truck is a heaven for anyone who loves Korean food. Head over to Dolmen Mall and right on front of the mall, you will see this truck parked. Street Dudes have a huge variety of pizza and corn dogs.

Image Source: Facebook

Street Kitchen

Street Kitchen is actually the one who introduced the concept of food trucks in Karachi. They can also be found at Sindhi Muslim and Boat Basin and the truck have all the food items that are served in their restaurants. Order anything from their menu ranging from burgers to pasta and you would not regret.

 Samyang Korean Noodle Truck

If you are a ramen lover, this truck is your place to go to. They have the most delicious extra spicy noodles that you will ever have. Even if you like spicy food or want to try something new for a change, Samyang Korean Noodle Truck is there to serve you.

Image Source: Facebook

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