Tablets are versatile tools used for everything at school, work, or home. No matter if you’re checking email, managing finances, practicing your art skills, or normally browsing YouTube and checking videos, a tablet can do it all. Looking for the best tablet isn’t difficult, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

It’s difficult to determine the best-selling tablets of the year, as sales figures are often private and can vary depending on the region and market. However, some popular tablets that have consistently performed well in terms of sales and customer satisfaction include:

  1. Apple iPad (9th generation, 2021)

Everyone admires entry-level iPads for their affordable price. Last year’s entry-level model is less luxurious than the newer 10th-gen iPad and still needs to be more useful. It is an older A13 chip with a Lightning charger and Touches ID home button design. All give an impression on somewhat out of date but works satisfactorily. This iPad’s screen size is seamless for everyday work and entertainment, there’s an auto-zooming front Center Stage camera, and unlike the 10th-gen iPad, the first-gen Apple Pencil doesn’t require a dongle to work. It’s still well-matched with a range of keyboard cases, too.

2. iPad Pro 2022

Apple’s 2022 iPad Pro rejuvenated added a more commanding M2 chip, faster Wi-Fi 6E and elective 5G connectivity, and an up-to-date Pencil 2 “hover” specialty that activates the display when the stylus is in nearby range. Only a few apps take benefit of hover, though, and the remaining features of this iPad design are the same as the prior model.

The iPad Pro listings are still the only models with quicker 120Hz variable refresh rate displays, a step-up Mini LED HDR screen on the 12.9-inch model, Face ID, deep-detecting lidar cameras, and a brisker Thunderbolt 4 port. If you are okay with that, the front camera still needs a landscape feature like the 10th-gen iPad, and you have the money to spend. This is the most recent and perfect model, but it doesn’t get you near to being a Mac.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

The Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is fundamentally the Android equal to Apple’s iPad Pro. Samsung’s DeX interface provides it an edge for productivity if you’re searching for a more laptop-like feel from the tablet. It’s built with a beautiful 12.4-inch, 2,800×1,752-pixel Super AMOLED screen display with a 120Hz refresh rate for smoother-looking graphics.

Samsung also comprises one of its great S Pens. So you’re ready to establish sketching and taking notes right out of the box. The tablet can also be two-fold as a wireless presentation. So, you can spread your windows laptop’s screen space on the go.

4. Apple iPad Mini (2021)

Apple restored the iPad Mini this year with an A15 processor, which is better than the iPad Air’s A14. Now that the 10.2-inch model has almost caught up to it in terms of specs. It swallows the fact that this smaller 8.3-inch model has a much higher price. Though it should be accessible at a discounted price during the holiday season. Some folks love this model as a smaller, lighter mobile device choice that’s well-sized as a chic eBook reader.

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