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Who says NO to chocolates? No one. True, but do you know your favorite chocolate, too, is available in different colors and types. Sounds yummy, isn’t it?

Without a wasting a single second, let us read about the different types this mood-lifter is offered in.

Milk Chocolate

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This is probably the most-consumed type of chocolate the world because of its sweet and creamy taste. Its texture is silky and smooth. You take a bite of milk chocolate, and it starts melting in your mouth. This type of chocolate is made with 12% milk and 10% chocolate liquor.

Dark Chocolate

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For a chocolate to be classified Dark, it must have at least 35% chocolate liquor (source: United Stated Food and Drug Administration – FDA). If a chocolate has 65-70% liquor, it is supposed to be bitter and less creamy. When the percentage reaches 80 or above, the chocolate becomes very bitter and brittle to enjoy on its own. Therefore, dark chocolate is mostly used in baking and other desserts.

Unsweetened Chocolate


This is simply chocolate liquor without any added dairy or sugar. Due to its very bitter taste, unsweetened chocolate is considered best for baking and cooking requiring intense chocolate flavor. It is mostly used to balance flavors in recipes where the amount of sugar used is already very high.

White Chocolate


With no traces of cocoa solids, this chocolate is white in color. It is made from 12% cocoa butter and 4% milk, cream or milk solids. Sometimes vanilla is also added to enhance the flavor of white chocolate, however, it is not mandatory.

Let us know in the comments section which one of these is your favorite chocolate.

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