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According to the latest data released by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECO), the number of registered voters in Pakistan has reached over 125 million. Of this, 54 percent are male voters, which is around 60.7 million while female voters account for 46%, which is over 50.7 million.

Voter Demographics

According to the report by ECP, 70.15 million voters belong to Punjab, 20.63 voters belong to Sindh, 20.14 voters belong to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,5.23 million belong to Balochistan and 1.20 million belong to Islamabad.

Province-wise voter count

The data also suggests that 20 million registered voters belong to the age group 18-25 which accounts for 18% of the overall voters. Moreover, the number of voters between the ages 26-35 is more than 30 million, which is around 26 percent of the total registered voters. The number of those falling in the age bracket of 36-45 years is around 20 million constituting 22 percent of the total voters and 11.8 million voters belong to the age group 56-65 years accounting for 9% of the total voters.

Age-wise Distribution of voters

Additionally, the number of those who are above 66 years is12.1 million, making up 10% of the total voters.

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