If you are reading this article, there is a high probability that you are going to visit Saudi Arabia soon. The country holds a lot of importance not only because its home to two of the most sacred places on the earth for Muslims but also because of its rich culture, heritage and unique souvenirs.

So, in case you are contemplating on visiting this place anytime soon for Hajj/Umrah, make sure you bring these things for your friends and family as a gift.

Saudi Dates

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audi Dates are hands down the best dates in the world. They are known for their exceptional taste and quality. Also, they are available in a huge variety, the most famous being Ajwa and Kalma dates.


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The Arab world is also known for the amazing fragrances it has to offer. To start with, go with Oud which is the most sought-after fragrance. Oud is extracted from the resin of agarwood tree and its enchanting aroma lasts for longer. Oud perfume is available in various forms including spray, oil, solid and scents. It’s fragrance is equally liked by men and women. You can conveniently get this fragrance from SR 75 to SR 7500.

Saudi Traditional Dress

Since Saudi Arabia’s weather is hot throughout the year, the people here mostly prefer loose fitting clothes. The robes worn by men and women can also be suitable for Karachi’s got weather. Also, those who observe pardah, can get Abayas for themselves and for other females they know.


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Keep some extra money with you to buy pure gold from Saudi Arabia. No matter which city you go to there, you will always find a huge variety of gold jewelry and even solid gold in the form of biscuits. It could be the best thing you can get for a loved one.


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This Holy water is only found in Saudi Arabia. Though its origin is Makkah but the water is easily available throughout the kingdom. Take a few packs of it and then you can mix some water and distribute it among your friends and family.

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