Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) initiated a study on Islamophobia, showing that the most anti-Muslim content on Twitter is from India. Although the country has the most Muslim population, it contributes more than 55% of Islamophobic content on social media platforms. It can be said how miserable Muslims have been living there. The biggest example of this is brutality happening to Kashmiris.

The ICV is a Muslim organization founded in Australia representing 270,000 community members, which discovered that Indian Twitter generates 55.12% of Islamophobic content. The other 45% comes from USA and UK. All this content is not only creating false assumptions about Islam in front of the world But also scaring them from communicating with Muslims, ultimately making the lives of Muslims miserable in non-Muslim countries.

The study found that politicians’ comments can have a “considerable impact on the prevalence of Islamophobia”. Three countries seemed to post 86% of the anti-Muslim notes on microblogging mediums.

While the UN cautioned last year that Islamophobia has stretched “epidemic proportions” and invigorated the international communalist to fight the anti-Muslim hatred. Social media platforms have policies that don’t support hateful comments. That’s why mediums like Twitter have been taking down most of the ant Islam content for years. But as this process is done through automatic programming, the content is still available.

The ICV found nearly four million anti-Muslim posts made throughout this period, and only 14.83% of the hate content vanished. The study presented that content came largely from the UK, the US, and India, all from 2017-2019.

India-based social media users held responsible Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the blowout and augmentation of discrimination and hatred, according to TRT World.
The study also records that former US president Donald Trump showed up in anti-Muslim posts rather frequently (third-most). The UK’s Islamophobia is also not restricted to social media with unintended remarks from previous Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who associated niqab-wearing Muslim women with “letter boxes” being common.

Social media platforms are the public’s voice. Using them against a sect of the world is highly unethical, hurting the sentiments of people around the globe. All these platforms must furnish strict policies and tactics to handle this event. A reported 55% of users must get suspended from Twitter to create a healthy environment for everyone on this platform.

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