Aashura observed all across Pakistan on 29th July under intense security
Image: Oyeyeah

On 29th July, the nation comes together to observe Yaum-i-Aashura (Muharram 10) with utmost reverence and extraordinary security measures in place.

Shia mourners from all corners of the country join in solemn processions to pay tribute and mourn the supreme sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS), the beloved grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his family, and devoted companions.

Throughout the day, Aashura processions follow traditional routes, and stringent security arrangements ensure their safe passage.

To ensure the safety of the participants, mobile phone services have been temporarily suspended along the procession routes due to security concerns. Additionally, to further enhance security measures, the authorities have imposed a ban on double riding of motorcycles, and the procession routes are carefully cordoned off using containers.

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