ACE Money Transfer

The leading global fintech platform, ACE Money Transfer has entered into a new partnership with Pakistan’s Bank Alfalah to create awareness among overseas Pakistanis about sending remittance back home safely.

Both the financial institutions announced their collaboration in the presence of Pakistan Cricket Team Captain Babar Azam, who is their new brand ambassador and is likely to influence a large number of overseas Pakistanis with his words.

This new partnership is aimed at encouraging expats to utilize legal channels for sending money back to Pakistan. This will not only keep overseas Pakistanis away from any trouble but will also contribute toward the economic growth of the country, while ensuring the money reaches to their loved ones safely.

ACE Money Transfer allows overseas Pakistanis to send money from more than 28 countries including North America, Australia and Europe. Their 375,000 pay-out locations in over 106 countries ensure safe transfer of remittances and over 1.4 million satisfied customers globally vouch for it.

In 2023, ACE Money Transfer hopes to transfer more than $1.25 billion remittances across the globe including $800 million to Pakistan alone.

ACE Money Transfer has been successfully flowing in money from different countries to Pakistan already and they enjoy a huge share in the sector. Meanwhile, Bank AlFalah, with its wide nationwide network of branches, aims to make these transactions seamless.

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