Afghan Refugees Say Pakistan Govt Destroying Their Houses

The situation for Afghan refugees in Pakistan is growing increasingly dire as they allege the Pakistani army’s involvement in forcibly demolishing their homes to compel them to leave the country. These refugees, many of whom have resided in Pakistan for an extended period, are now appealing to advocates for support and intervention.

Haji Nazar, a Pakistan-based Afghan refugee, described the harrowing destruction of Afghan refugee camps over the past two days. The authorities, he lamented, displayed a callous disregard for the presence of women and children within these demolished houses. Mir Ahmad Rauf, head of the Afghan Refugees’ Council in Pakistan, added that in various regions such as Islamabad’s B-17 and Karachi, the Pakistani government is not only destroying Afghan homes but also confiscating their personal belongings.

While the caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan in Peshawar, Anwar ul Haq Kakar, maintains that the repatriation of Afghan refugees does not signify the termination of relations with Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate takes a differing perspective. The mistreatment and displacement of Afghan refugees, they contend, are negatively impacting the already delicate ties between the two nations.

Zabiullah Mujahid, spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, voiced concerns about the arrests of Afghan refugees based in Pakistan, highlighting the detrimental effect it has on the people of both countries and their relations. The Islamic Emirate urges Pakistani authorities to exercise caution in their actions.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation revealed that 800 families have returned from Pakistan in the past week. It is important to note that Pakistan has received a significant amount of funding from international organizations, amounting to $21.3 billion USD since 2021, to support and host Afghan refugees. Political analysts, considering this financial support, question whether Pakistan will indeed proceed with expelling Afghan refugees, as previously suggested by some officials.

In an earlier statement, the interim Minister of Interior Affairs of Pakistan had indicated that there would be no compromise in expelling illegal refugees beyond the October-end deadline. The situation remains complex and fraught with implications for both Afghan refugees and the countries involved.

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