All you need to know about Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate and honor the mothers and mother figures in our lives. It is observed on different dates in different countries, but most commonly in March or May. In this blog post, we will explore the origins, traditions, and significance of Mother’s Day around the world.

The origins of Mother’s Day can be traced back to ancient times when people worshipped goddesses and maternal figures. For example, the ancient Greeks and Romans had festivals dedicated to Rhea and Cybele, the mother goddesses of their pantheons. In the Middle Ages, Christians in Europe celebrated Mothering Sunday, a day to honor the Virgin Mary and return to their mother church.

The modern version of Mother’s Day was initiated by Anna Jarvis, an American social activist who wanted to commemorate her mother’s death and promote peace and women’s rights. She organized the first official Mother’s Day celebration in 1908 at a Methodist church in West Virginia. She also campaigned for Mother’s Day to be recognized as a national holiday in the United States. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation declaring the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day.

Today, Mother’s Day is celebrated in various ways across the globe. Some common ways to show appreciation for mothers are giving flowers, cards, gifts, breakfast in bed or a special meal. Some countries have their own traditions and customs related to Mother’s Day. For example, in Thailand, Mother’s Day coincides with the birthday of Queen Sirikit, who is regarded as the mother of the nation. People wear blue, her favorite color, and give jasmine flowers to their mothers. In Mexico, Mother’s Day is a festive occasion with music, food, and flowers. Children often sing a song called “Las Mañanitas” to their mothers in the morning.

Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to express our gratitude and love for our mothers and mother figures. They have given us life, nurtured us, taught us, and supported us throughout our lives. They deserve our respect and recognition for their sacrifices and contributions. Let us make this Mother’s Day a memorable and meaningful one for them.

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