Credit: Hasbullah/twitter

In the span of a few years, Hasbullah Makhamdov, the famous tik toker from Dagestan, has become accustomed to an expensive and luxurious life after his fame.

Recently, he was accompanied by security guards when he visited Sydney. On this occasion, Hasbullah had put up Dolce & Gabbana Svalakh shoes and a Gucci bag worth Rs. 3 and 50 lacs and from Sydney Airport he was taken to the hotel in a Rolls Royce car.

Hasbullah Makhamdov was anonymous until 2020, after which he started making funny videos on TikTok and Instagram. Even his fan base is now millions and he is also the ambassador of many expensive brands.

Initially, he made prank videos and was also seen performing stunts. After that, the number of his followers on Instagram crossed 2.4 million, while Tik Tok videos have been viewed 4.7 billion times.

Hasbullah, 19, was born with a growth hormone deficiency that left him stunted, but his forgetful looks and videos of him pranking celebrities have gone viral around the world. Now he is as famous as a movie star and he says that he is more famous than the footballer Messi.

Currently, he is on a tour of Australia where he will be busy till September 1.

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