Another Indo-Pak marriage after Seema and Anju

In a heartwarming tale of love that knows no borders, a Karachi-based woman named Ameena decided to tie the knot virtually with her Indian fiancé, Arbaaz, after facing difficulties obtaining an Indian visa for their marriage. Their extraordinary love story has captured attention and rekindled the spotlight on cross-border relationships, drawing parallels with similar stories like Seema Haider, who ventured into India to be with her partner Sachin Meena, and Anju, who traveled to Pakistan to marry her beloved Nasrullah.

The connection between Ameena and Arbaaz’s families extends beyond their romance. Jodhpur resident Arbaaz’s family is related to Ameena’s family in Pakistan, as one of his family members is already married to a girl from the neighboring country. The joy and happiness they witnessed in this cross-border union paved the way for Ameena’s family to approach Arbaaz’s family with the proposal for their daughter’s marriage, which they gladly accepted.

The couple’s virtual marriage ceremony took place at Jodhpur’s Oswal Samaj Bhawan. Arbaaz, a DTP operator, and Ameena exchanged vows and promises of eternal love in a simple and cost-effective manner. The proud father, Mohammad Afzal, who works as a contractor, expressed the family’s joy over the union.

Despite the online solemnization, the couple’s journey to be together physically is yet to commence. Ameena will need to navigate the visa and immigration process to finally meet her husband in Jodhpur. Arbaaz explained that marrying in Pakistan would not be recognized in India, leading them to choose the virtual route. However, they ensured the marriage was legally binding by obtaining a certificate from a cleric.

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