Two tragic incidents unfolded in Karachi on Tuesday, resulting in the loss of lives of a Pakistani Canadian citizen and a businessman at the hands of armed robbers. The incidents occurred in the Nazimabad and Orangi Town areas, where the victims were fatally shot while resisting robbery attempts.

The local police have faced criticism for their inability to curb street crime, with the death toll from firing during robberies reaching a concerning 70 in just six months this year.

In the first incident near the Board Office in Nazimabad, Amin Alvi, the Pakistani Canadian citizen, was shopping with four street children when the robbery took place. Alvi had visited a bank and a money exchange before the tragic event occurred. According to one of the accompanying children’s account, two men on a motorcycle approached their car. One of the men demanded Alvi’s cash and valuables, leading to a confrontation where Alvi was shot by the assailant, who then fled with his accomplice.

Shockingly, no passing drivers offered assistance as Alvi lay on the road for several minutes. It was only when a rickshaw driver arrived that he was rushed to the hospital. Despite receiving medical treatment, Alvi couldn’t survive his injuries. The police revealed that Alvi had retired from a foreign airline and made periodic visits to Karachi.

These incidents highlight the urgent need for effective measures to address street crime and improve public safety in Karachi.

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