Blue Moon

Stargazers and astronomers are really looking forward to the Super Blue Moon which is expected to appear on August 30th. This rare phenomenon is going to be a visual treat for skywatchers across the globe.

For those who do not know, Super Blue Moon is a unique event where several lunar phenomena take place. According to NASA, there are three full moons in a season and this is the third one, making it a Super Blue Moon.

On this day, the moon will get closer to the earth and Skywatchers will be able to see a 7% larger moon than we usually see. While this difference may not be very much visible to the naked eye, astronomers will be able to capture it perfectly with their equipment.

Get ready to witness this celestial marvel. Also, remember that the Super Blue Moon is just a term used to define this Lunar phenomenon and the moon will not actually turn blue.

The re-occurrence of Super Blue Moons varies greatly and may take up to 20 years. The next Super Blue Moon is expected to appear in the January and March of 2037.

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