In an attempt to reduce government expenditures, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has indicated towards reducing the size of his cabinet. The members of his cabinet have suggested to cut the size by almost 50% to cope with the ongoing financial and economical crunch.

While some members agree to this structural reforms, there are others who disagree with the idea of letting go their salaries and other perks. Therefore, the government has decided that ministers will voluntarily stop taking their salaries. Furthermore, a 15% slash in expenses on foreign trips is also recommended.

According to sources, PM told his coalition partners that he is thinking of cutting down on the cabinet ministers. Majority of his cabinet ministers welcomed the austerity measure, however, some ministers who have no other source of income opposed the idea. Hence, the word “voluntarily” used so that those who can’t compromise on their salaries and perks can discuss the same with PM and an exception can be made.

If the plan is implemented properly, it can save the nation 70 billion for four months and Rs200 billion per annum.

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