Beginning on 1 July, foreign nationals holding temporary visas from India, Pakistan, China, and Nepal who have been living continuously in the New South Wales (NSW) region for at least six months will face stricter regulations when it comes to obtaining a driving license. The NSW government has mandated that these drivers must now take the same knowledge and practical driving tests as local residents.

This new regulation aims to address a loophole in the transportation system that allowed some drivers to retain their licenses despite receiving 13 demerit points or being convicted of a serious traffic offense. Under the new law, offenders will have to apply for an NSW driver’s license in order to drive again in NSW.

It is important to note that foreign nationals from Japan, Singapore, and Germany will also be required to convert their licenses but they will not be required to take the driving exam. The Transport for NSW representative clarified that this change only affects those who have been living in NSW continuously for at least six months.

For foreign nationals affected by this new regulation, the process of obtaining an NSW driver’s license may involve a bit of time and effort. They will need to study for and pass both the knowledge and practical driving tests. However, once they have successfully obtained their NSW driver’s license, they will be able to drive legally in the state.

This new regulation highlights the NSW government’s commitment to ensuring road safety for all drivers on its roads, regardless of their nationality or origin. While it may pose an inconvenience for some foreign nationals, it is a necessary step towards making NSW’s roads safer and closing any loopholes in the transportation system.

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