Babar Azam announced 2 million scholarships for impoverished students

 Babar Azam captain of the Pakistani cricket team and ambassador of Noon academy declared 2 million scholarships for students with Noon academy as an act of gratitude after a historical win.

Captain announced “Muhammad Azam and Saya scholarship” in partnership with Noon Academy that is also established by him after the great victory. The main target of this scholarship is to enable and support girls and boys with sports backgrounds. As there are not so many organizations hyping up the sports zeal in the upcoming generation, this initiative by Babar is a great way to promote sports culture.

He dedicated this scholarship to his father who has been his mentor, support and backbone thought his life and career.

Noon Pakistan academy has accumulated a user base of 1.6 Million students in its very first year of operations. The online learning platform is offering daily live classes for O&A Levels, Matric & Inter across all major boards in Pakistan.

Further Saya corporation is dominating sports management spotted in many countries all around the world. The main initiative of this firm is to build strong players and make them play on an international level. Exploring the real talent in a country like Pakistan is also a task, and Saya foundations are fulfilling it excellently.

Substantiating the indication of donating 2 million scholarships, General Manager of Noon Pakistan, Umair Chishti said that “Babar’s partnership with Noon furthers our mission to radically change the way people learn in Pakistan. This will allow us to provide quality education across all corners of the country”

Our nation needs more people like Babar Azam who not only made Pakistan proud in the game field. But also supporting the needy ones in the country at a large scale. His hard work and pure attentions bring him that much love and respect from the whole world. The world is truly inspired by the vision and talent of Babar Azam.

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