Boy attempted sexual assault on a covered girl in Gulistan e Jauhar's street

In the bustling neighbourhood of Gulistan e Jauhar, a horrific incident unfolded in broad daylight. A young girl, draped in a vibrant red abaya with a black scarf, was making her way down the street when an unknown man began to follow her. Reports indicated that the man’s bike lacked a number plate, further adding to the mysterious nature of the situation.

Unbeknownst to the girl, danger lurked behind her as the man closed in on her with malicious intent. The atmosphere grew tense as the girl became increasingly aware of the stranger’s presence after he suddenly ran to assault her from behind. Fear must have coursed through her veins, but she maintained her composure, hoping to find safety amidst the chaos and walked after the guy left as she pushed him back retaliating.

The man’s intentions turned violent. With audacity fueled by darkness, he assaulted the girl, shocking the onlookers who were taken aback by the brazen act. In the video footage captured in a camera recording of the street, the assailant could be seen wearing a casual t-shirt and white shorts, his face concealed by a mask—a cowardly disguise.

The incident sent shockwaves through the community, stirring anger, fear, and a collective call for justice. The authorities swiftly launched an investigation, vowing to apprehend the perpetrator and bring him to account for his heinous actions.

As the video circulated, it served as a stark reminder of the dangers women face while simply navigating their daily lives. It sparked a nationwide conversation about the urgent need to address issues of harassment and ensure the safety and security of individuals, regardless of gender.

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