Image: Business Recorder

Wheat production in Punjab reached 75-year high this year with 21 million tons of wheat ready to be cultivated in the upcoming months. The average production per acre also increased from 31 and half a ton to 33 tons per acre. With this high wheat production, Punjab has broken it’s own 75-year record.

While talking to a local TV, Punjab Agricultural Director General Dr. Anjum Ali said that the main factors behind the bumper production are seed subsidy and provision of quality fertilizer.

He also added that around 30,000 students from agricultural universities of Pakistan will be facilitating the cultivation process in November 2023.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has already given the credit of 27.5 million metric tons of “bumper production” to the government’s timely decisions and Kissan Package. He also said that we provided qualify fertilizer, seeds and agricultural assistance which lead to this incredibly increased wheat production.

Prime Minister has congratulated the responsible authorities for the success.

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