Picture: Al Arabiya

Saudi Arabia beat Argentina in a nail-biting match on 22nd November 2022 played in Qatar. This is a historic win of Saudi Arabia against Argentina with 2-0 goals. To celebrate the win, KSA announced a nation-wide off the next day. This is said to be one of the biggest upsets in the ongoing FIFA World Cup.


The unexpected victory of Saudi Arabia seems to have united the Arab world once again. Firstly, it was the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad AL Thani who visited the stadium to show support for the Saudi Team. The Emir even held the national flag of Saudi Arabia to express his pleasure.

A fleet of Qatari cars were also seen on the roads of Doha post the win. The cars were honking horns in celebration and were parading the busy roads across the city.

Now UAE has come forward and light up Burj Khalifa to congratulate Saudi Arabia. The Ammar Tower showed the national flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“This is a historic victory for Saudi Arabia and a great victory for all Arabs, “said a young Jordanian boy Ahmed Al-Qasim. He further told AFP at a Doha fan zone. “I may not support the Saudi government’s policies, but I am pleased with this great football victory.”

This FIFA World Cup is getting exciting day by day with the upsets and this one is the best of them all.  This is the biggest triumph of Saudi Arabia in FIFA since the debut in 1994.

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