Bykea hacked by Indian hackers

Bykea, a popular ride-hailing app, experienced a brief attack from hackers believed to be of Indian origin. Users across Pakistan reported receiving notifications containing derogatory language about their country. The app’s website, however, remained unaffected, and the hack only resulted in the display of a message without disrupting any functionality.

Although there is no official confirmation regarding the identity of the hackers, the wording used in the messages strongly suggests their origin. Analysts speculate that the attack specifically targeted Bykea’s marketing communication tools, which are responsible for sending push notifications to users. These tools are typically outsourced to third-party providers.

Bykea hacked by Indians, shows slang notifications

Bykea issued an apology and confirmed that the inappropriate messages were sent through a compromised third-party communication tool. The company’s team promptly resolved the issue, ensuring the app’s full functionality and safety for users. Bykea encouraged users to reach out to their helpline if they encountered any difficulties while using the app.

Further updates regarding the incident are expected to be provided by Bykea in due course.

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