Canada declares Pakistan-India borders as an unsafe place for its citizens

There’s a peculiar announcement made by the travel advisory of the Canadian government for its citizens traveling to India. The government warned them from traveling to Gujarat, Punjab, and Rajasthan. The Indian states have borders with Pakistan, due to the occurrence of ‘landmines’.

“Avoid all travel to areas within 10 km of the border with Pakistan in the following states due to the unpredictable security situation and presence of landmines and unexploded ordnance: Gujarat, Punjab Rajasthan,” India news agency ANI quoted the advisory as reading.

Canada also enquired its citizens to practice a high degree of attentiveness in India due to the “threat of terrorist attacks throughout the country”.

This weird regulation came into existence after India on September 23 issued an advisory for Indian nationals and students in Canada to stay vigilant within increasing events of crimes and anti-India activities in the country.

“There has been a sharp increase in incidents of hate crimes, sectarian violence, and anti-India activities in Canada. The Ministry of External Affairs and our High Commission/Consulates General in Canada have taken up these incidents with the Canadian authorities and requested them to investigate the crimes and take appropriate action,” India’s Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement.

 The relations between both neighboring countries, India and Pakistan haven’t been so good for decades. There’s always a new controversy after some months between two countries causing a rise in clashes. In this situation of 3rd country, i.e., Canada tries to interfere and support one country, humiliating the other can hurt the nation’s sentiments. If the advisory is actually interested in the welfare of their citizens the rule should be the same for other countries sharing borders with India. But it seems like this nepotism will never end.

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