A strategic collaboration between Chinese and Pakistani enterprises is set to revolutionize Pakistan’s transportation landscape through the production of electric two- and three-wheelers.

This joint venture, established by Chinese electric car manufacturer Benling Group, battery producer Dongjin Group, and Pakistani auto business Crown Group, aims to reshape the local market, curb carbon emissions, and champion eco-friendly mobility solutions.

Formed in April, the joint venture responds to the crucial role that two- and three-wheelers play in Pakistan’s public transportation system. With its dense urban areas facing high traffic congestion and air pollution, the region seeks efficient and sustainable transportation alternatives.

The forthcoming electric vehicles (EVs) are poised to address this demand, offering environmentally conscious mobility solutions tailored for these challenging urban contexts.

Dongjin Pakistan’s General Manager, Hu Ge, shared in an interview with China Economic Net that the inaugural shipment of materials, batteries, and manufacturing equipment for electric two- and three-wheelers is scheduled to arrive in Pakistan after customs clearance next week.

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