Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz found herself embroiled in controversy after donning a police uniform at a passing out parade, sparking outrage across social media platforms. Photos of her in the uniform quickly went viral, prompting legal action in response.

A petition was filed in the sessions court by a lawyer, alleging that CM Maryam Nawaz violated regulations by wearing law enforcement attire without the necessary authority. The petition, filed under sections 22-A and B of the Criminal Procedure Code (CR.P.C), called for criminal proceedings against the PML-N leader.

Despite CM Maryam Nawaz’s previous efforts to enhance female representation in the police force, including receiving a guard of honor and presenting awards at the Police Training College, her choice of attire led to significant backlash and criticism from the public.

This controversy comes on the heels of public scrutiny following an incident involving one of CM Maryam’s security vehicles, which tragically resulted in the accidental death of a youngster in Narowal. Despite offering financial compensation to the victim’s family, CM Maryam’s actions failed to quell the growing public discontent and criticism surrounding the incident.

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