DHA Residents

The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has implemented a policy that limits access to Nisaar Park in DHA Phase VI exclusively to its residents, sparking concerns about potential discrimination. The announcement was made through a tweet by the housing authority, urging residents to comply with DHA management procedures to maintain a friendly and peaceful environment within the park.

DHA bans non-DHA residents from entering Phase VI Nisaar Park, gives rise to discrimination

The tweet also outlined additional requirements for DHA residents, including visiting the park with family members and adhering to a specified dress code. Non-DHA residents, regardless of whether they are accompanied by their families, are not permitted entry.

The tweet, however, failed to provide details on how non-DHA residents would be identified. Despite attempts to seek clarification, DHA spokesperson Farrukh Rizvi remained unresponsive.


This policy has generated concerns among the public, highlighting the potential implications of discrimination based on residency status. The issue calls for further clarity and transparency from DHA regarding the decision and its enforcement.

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