Dubai-based ‘Coded Minds’ organizing its first-ever summer camp in Karachi
Dubai-based ‘Coded Minds’ organizing its first-ever summer camp in Karachi

This is the first time a Dubai-based education company will be offering its top-of-the-line courses in Pakistan

Karachi- A Dubai-based global education company, Coded Minds, that offers iSTEAM (Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) subjects,  is launching its Pakistan operations by organizing its first-ever summer camp in Karachi. With a vision to bring good quality advanced technology education at the grassroots level, Coded Minds’s first Summer Camp in Karachi is being offered at an affordable cost.

“We are very excited that we will be able to serve the education sector in Pakistan,” says Omar Farooqui, founder, and president of Coded Minds. Since it launch, in 2017 the company has grown rapidly in the Middle East and Asia.

“We are now officially registered in Pakistan and we aim to provide the best education to the young generation of the country so that they can play a crucial role not just for Pakistan but also at the global level,” Farooqui said.

“There is a major misconception that technology education is expensive. It is completely the other way round.  The price point of our first ever summer camp actually reflects the same. We believe quality education has not just to be affordable but also reachable to the grass root level.”

Farooqui, who has had meetings with President of Pakistan Dr Alvi and the Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood in February 2019, says that Pakistani talent can rule the world if they are provided with the right skills and education.

“It is so heartening to see that the government of Pakistan is committed to providing modern education to its students. We as an international education company are determined to play a role in this transformation,” he said.

“Coded Minds has plans to introduce global learning systems across the board in Pakistan- no matter what is your social and financial status,” Farooqui said.

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The five-day Summer Camp will continue from June 24-28 in the North Nazimabad area and is being offered for a fee of PKR 2000 per student only. 

The courses offered are Introduction to Programming, Scratch Jr., App Development. Children between the ages of 4-13 will be able to attend this course.

Each session will be 4 hours long and the course will end in 5 days.  Those who are keen to participate can write to

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