Unique Digital Identification
Image: Reuters

Early adopters in Mexico were spotted at a café participating in a Biometric Project aiming to create a unique digital identification for everyone on the earth. The participants were getting their eyes scanned through a futuristic sphere which is outfitted with cameras.

The project is aimed at scanning the iris of human beings in order to differentiate them from online bots. Those participating in the project are being paid an incentive in the form of a cryptocurrency bonus.

This Worldcoin project of a biometric verification tool is a joint collaboration between the CEO of Open AI, Sam Altman and Tools for Humanity (a crypto-based company by Altman).

A participant named Jose Incera who received $54 in Worldcoin’s cryptocurrency said, “(Privacy) is something that doesn’t worry me too much.” He added, “In the digital era we’re living in, sharing your information is unavoidable.”

Sam Sadle who is the public policy chief at Tools for Humanity said, “The point of the iris biometrics is simply to confirm that you’re human.” He further added, “The image on default is deleted and the only piece that is kept is the iris code.

Regarding the security of this project, Agneris Sampieri, a policy analyst remarked, “They don’t clearly mention the time frame in which the biometric data they collect will be processed and retained.”

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