The economy of Pakistan is now experiencing turbulence, with a number of businesses across all industries declaring temporary closures. These closures are a reaction to a number of issues that have been affecting the business climate in the nation, underscoring the urgent need for economic stabilisation measures.

Manufacturer of auto parts Agriauto Industries Limited said on Monday that company would conduct a temporary shutdown in October.

Agriauto Stamping Company Pvt. Limited, the company’s sole subsidiary, will likewise experience a partial shutdown in October 2023, it was noted, for the same justifications.

Pakistan has long-standing inflation, which has raised production prices and diminished consumers’ purchasing power. Lower demand and rising input costs are causing problems for businesses.

Tax and regulatory issues: Businesses have found it challenging to negotiate the tax system and meet regulatory standards, which has a negative impact on their profitability.

These brief closures have had a considerable impact on jobs in addition to affecting enterprises. The number of employees let go or put on unpaid leave has increased, worsening the nation’s unemployment situation.

The Pakistani government has started a number of economic reform initiatives and is cognizant of the difficulties faced by enterprises. However, it will take extensive and ongoing efforts to overcome these problems and promote economic stability.

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