His Wife Is a Man

These days, the Egyptian media is abuzz with the news of a man claiming his wife is a man. The news surfaced from the Al-Bahira region where a husband believes that his wife is actually a man. He made the revelation after being with her for two years.

The husband reached out to a news agency and broke the news that his wife has the physical characteristics of both, male and female. He also said that he has already informed his parents-in-law who suggested undergoing a surgical procedure to resolve the issue. However, despite consulting with several doctors, the issue has not been resolved.

The husband also told the news agency that his wife was living as a bit until she was nine years old. After that, her name of change and she was pronounced a female due to dominant female characteristics.

The wife, on the other hand, has denied all these claims and says that she is willing to undergo a medical examination to prove her femininity.

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