Lahore police register eight rape cases within 48 hours

In a shocking state of events, Lahore police have registered eight rape cases within a short span of two days. This includes sexual assault against different suspects some of which used forcefulness on their maids, nurse, and even targeted females with a promise of well-paid jobs.

According to survivors, these people have been forcing them to withdraw complaints and pressuring them with various threats. Already, Punjab has been a difficult province for women to work independently without sexual harassment, and the rising rape cases further alert the situation.

Rape cases in 48 hours in Lahore

In one case, a man used coercion on a nurse at a private hospital blackmailing her for money. The nurse was taken to a house and was told to take care of a patient but was raped there instead.

A married housemaid was also forced for money into it. Whereas, in another case, a teenage girl was trapped in a case where the victim made her video and threatened to viral them.

One of the women was gang-raped in South Cantonment police limits while the other was allegedly assaulted in Green Town area by a suspect. One of the cases also involves kidnapping of a 14-year-old girl in the Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Area.

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