An investigative report submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has brought to light a troubling issue: the involvement of 29 lawmakers in a vast network engaged in smuggling Iranian fuel into Pakistan.

According to the report, this illicit trade serves as a source of funding for terrorists. The research reveals that politicians and government officials play a significant role in smuggling a staggering 2.8 billion liters of Iranian petrol into Pakistan on an annual basis.

The report further outlines the economic impact, estimating that Pakistan suffers an annual loss of Rs. 60 billion due to petrol smuggling. It also identifies 995 petrol pumps scattered throughout the country engaged in the illegal sale of Iranian petrol. Shockingly, approximately 90 government officials and 29 politicians are implicated in this clandestine trade.

Even more alarming is the assertion that the smuggled fuel is transported using vehicles belonging to Pakistan State Oil (PSO). Despite the gravity of these allegations, the PMO has remained conspicuously silent on the matter, raising concerns about the potential involvement of influential politicians across Pakistan.

A recent media report has also shed light on how certain individuals have established unauthorized petrol distribution operations, often retailing Iranian gasoline in plastic containers. This illegal trade not only poses significant threats to public safety but also undermines legitimate businesses operating within the sector.

Of particular concern is the revelation that, instead of taking decisive action against this illicit trade, some police officers have resorted to purchasing gasoline from the very individuals involved in smuggling. This recurring issue has recently garnered media attention, yet the government has yet to provide a concrete response to address the problem.

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