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Durijg Ramzan, the fasting hours vary from region to region. While in some areas, people fast for a longer time, others break their fasts a few hours earlier than them.

The primary reason behind this variation is the position of the sun which determines the duration of day and night in a particular country.

It is seen that the countries closer to equator have shorter fasting hours compared to those located farther. Moreover, there are some countries where the sunsets never happen therefore, Islamic scholars suggest following the fasting schedule as in Makkah, Saudi Arabia as it is the place where Ka’aba is located.

This Ramzan, the average fasting hours are 14-15 hours. Let’s have a look at the fasting hours in different countries now.

Nuuk, Greenland: 18 hours

Reykjavik, Iceland: 18 hours

Helsinki, Finland: 17 hours

Glasgow, Scotland: 17 hours

Ottawa, Canada: 17 hours

London, United Kingdom: 16-17 hours

Paris, France: 16-17 hours

Zurich, Switzerland: 15 hours

Rome, Italy: 15 hours

New Zealand : 12 hours

Chile: 12 hours

Buenos Aires, Argentina: 12 hours

Jakarta, Indonesia: 13 hours

Nairobi, Kenya: 13 hours

Karachi, Pakistan: 13-14 hours

New Delhi, India: 13-14 hours

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