A tragic incident unfolded on the journey of a Pakistani pilgrim family en route from Makkah to Qatar. Near Riyadh, their vehicle collided with a trailer, leading to the devastating loss of four lives.

Among the casualties were Major Arsalan, a dedicated Pakistan Army officer stationed in Qatar, along with his mother, wife, son, and daughter.

The family’s pilgrimage journey took an unforeseen and heartbreaking turn due to the accident. While Major Arsalan sustained critical injuries, he remains the sole survivor of the family.

Currently, he is receiving intensive medical care at a local hospital in Riyadh, where medical staff is diligently working towards his recovery.

Simultaneously, the Pakistani embassy is actively involved in facilitating the necessary documentation and arrangements for the deceased family members.

Upon the completion of required procedures, the bodies of the deceased will be repatriated to Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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