FIA Cracks Down on Loan App Mafia: Nine Suspects Arrested for Blackmailing Borrowers

The Cybercrime Wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has made a significant breakthrough in the fight against the loan app mafia, arresting nine suspects involved in blackmailing individuals who borrowed money from these apps. The operations took place in the Saidpur Road area, and the FIA has also initiated investigations against 19 additional potential culprits.

According to the FIA spokesperson, Inspector Badar Munir led the operation, which resulted in the closure of several offices belonging to the company responsible for the blackmail activities. These offices, located within a business complex, were found to have designated sections for making threatening calls to borrowers, their friends, and relatives. The arrested individuals had the daily task of making 100 to 150 calls, instilling fear and pressuring the victims.

The FIA emphasized that these loan apps were exploiting users’ personal data, such as private photos and contacts, obtained through the apps. This sensitive information was then weaponized to harass and intimidate the victims.

During the operation, the FIA seized crucial evidence, including documents, computers, laptops, and SIM cards. The arrested suspects are currently in custody, and further investigations are underway. The FIA is planning additional raids to apprehend the remaining individuals involved in the blackmailing scheme.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident reported in Karachi, a citizen filed a complaint regarding online loan app blackmail with the FIA’s Cybercrime unit in the city. However, no action has been taken thus far.

The crackdown on the loan app mafia follows a tragic incident involving the suicide of Muhammad Masood, a 42-year-old who faced overwhelming pressure and threats from these criminals. Masood initially borrowed Rs. 13,000, but with missed repayments and mounting interest, his debt escalated to over Rs. 700,000. The blackmailers threatened to leak his private data, which pushed Masood to take his own life. The FIA has since collected Masood’s mobile phone for investigation and is examining his email communications and statements from his family members.

With these arrests and ongoing investigations, the FIA is taking decisive action to curb the loan app mafia’s activities and bring justice to the victims who have suffered due to their exploitative practices.

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