Image: IEEE Spectrum

Joseph Dituri was part of an underwater mission by the Marine Resources Development Foundation where he has successfully spent 74 days underwater.

During this time, Dituri resided in a unique underwater hotel built at the bottom of a 9-meter (around 30-feet) deep lagoon in Florida, US. Dituri just broke the record for spending highest time underwater.

Local media reports suggest that this underwater stay was part of a project named Neptune 100.

Dr. Dituri is a medical researcher who also teaches at the University of South Florida. He announced on his social media account that he does not intend to end this underwater stay just yet. He wrote, “Since the beginning, my primary objective has been motivating upcoming generations, conversing with researchers specializing in marine life, and exploring the human body’s capabilities in extreme environments.”

Dituri is expected to resurface after he completes his 100 days underwater. Previously, this record was held by Jessica Fain and Bruce Cantrell, who spent 73 days underwater at the same place.


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