The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launched the mission CHAPEA (Crew Habitat for the Exploration of Mars Analogs) to start preparing human beinto live on the red planet

The NASA has designed three such analog missions to understand the requirements necessary to inhibit Mars.

The first analogue missi is already starting this year, while the second will be commenced ok 2025 and the last one in 2026.

This project requires four astronauts to live in a 3D printed simulation of Mars. The habitat in simulation will have dedicated areas for medical, fitness, and work along with a kitchen and private crew quarters. It will also have two bathrooms and a technical work area.

The team will be introduced to isolation, equipment failure, resources limitations and significant workloads.The crew will be trained to execute certain mission activities, including habitat maintenance, personal hygiene, simulated spacewalks, exercise, robotic operations, crop growth, personal hygiene, meal preparation and consumption, and other activities.

Raina MacLeod, CHAPEA deputy project manager said, “We’re really looking at how the crew performance and health changes based on realistic Mars restrictions and the lifestyle of the crew members. So, the lifestyle is what we’re trying to simulate by setting up a realistic environment and workload for the CHAPEA crew.”

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