As the field of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve at a rapid pace, staying updated with the latest advancements and gaining relevant skills has never been more crucial. Fortunately, numerous free AI training courses are available online, offering learners the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and expertise without financial barriers. Here are some of the best free AI training courses you can take in June 2024:

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) by IBM

Platform: Coursera

IBM’s “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)” course is designed for beginners who want to understand the fundamentals of AI. The course covers essential concepts, including machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and AI applications. Participants will also explore ethical considerations in AI development and deployment. By the end of the course, learners will have a solid foundation to build upon in their AI journey.

Machine Learning by Stanford University

Platform: Coursera

Taught by the renowned AI expert Andrew Ng, Stanford University’s “Machine Learning” course is one of the most popular and comprehensive introductions to machine learning. The course covers a wide range of topics, including supervised learning, unsupervised learning, support vector machines, and neural networks. With practical exercises and real-world examples, learners gain hands-on experience in implementing machine learning algorithms.

Elements of AI by University of Helsinki and Reaktor

Platform: Elements of AI

The “Elements of AI” course, offered by the University of Helsinki and Reaktor, aims to demystify AI and make it accessible to everyone. The course is divided into two parts: Introduction to AI and Building AI. It covers topics such as the history of AI, neural networks, and machine learning, with a focus on practical applications. The course is designed for learners of all backgrounds, requiring no prior knowledge of AI or programming.

Deep Learning Specialization by

Platform: Coursera

For those looking to delve deeper into the world of neural networks and deep learning, the “Deep Learning Specialization” by is an excellent choice. This specialization consists of five courses that cover topics such as neural networks, convolutional networks, sequence models, and deep learning frameworks. Taught by Andrew Ng and other leading experts, the specialization provides a thorough understanding of deep learning techniques and their applications.

AI For Everyone by

Platform: Coursera

“AI For Everyone” is another highly recommended course by, aimed at non-technical individuals who want to understand how AI can be applied in their organizations. The course covers the basics of AI, including what AI can and cannot do, how to navigate AI adoption in businesses, and the ethical implications of AI. This course is perfect for business leaders, managers, and anyone interested in the strategic aspects of AI.

Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp by Udemy

Platform: Udemy

While not exclusively focused on AI, the “Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp” by Udemy provides a comprehensive overview of data science and machine learning techniques. The course covers Python programming, data analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning algorithms. With hands-on projects and real-world datasets, learners gain practical skills that are directly applicable to AI projects.

AI Ethics: Principles for Ethical AI Development by Microsoft

Platform: Microsoft Learn

As AI technology becomes more pervasive, understanding the ethical implications of AI development is crucial. Microsoft’s “AI Ethics: Principles for Ethical AI Development” course explores the ethical considerations and principles that should guide AI development. Topics include fairness, reliability, privacy, security, and accountability. This course is essential for anyone involved in AI projects, ensuring that AI solutions are developed responsibly.

Whether you are a beginner looking to understand the basics of AI or an experienced professional seeking to deepen your knowledge, these free AI training courses offer valuable resources to enhance your skills. By taking advantage of these courses, you can stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of AI, gain practical experience, and contribute to the development of innovative AI solutions. Start your learning journey today and unlock new opportunities in the world of artificial intelligence.

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