Image: Eat this, Not that

If you are fond of potato crisps and have been told that they are unhealthy, we have good news for you: your deep fried potatoes are going to get healthier, as suggested by scientists.

Chips contain acrylamide, a chemical substance found in starchy foods like bread and potatoes when they are cook at high temperatures.

A new research has found that the amount acrylamide can be reduced while making potato crisps.

Here is the secret to that: all you have to do is use the right kind of potato. Now you may be wondering what is the right kind of potato? It means that for making crisps with low acrylamide, you have to carefully select a potato that has obtained the right level of maturity before it was harvested. Less mature potatoes are loaded with sugar and have a higher chance of forming acrylamide while cooking, according to a Norwegian research institute SINTEF.

The Head of Chemical Contaminants at the Food Standards Agency, Mark Willis said, ‘We welcome the development and use of good practice by businesses to manage acrylamide, including sourcing of ingredients and appropriate storage.’

A senior health information manager for Cancer Research, UK Dr Claire Knight said, ‘There is no good evidence that eating foods high in acrylamide, like crisps, toast, or charred root vegetables, will increase your risk of cancer. Some foods with acrylamide are high in calories though, and being overweight or obese increases the risk of 13 types of cancer.’ He added, ‘your overall diet is more important than individual foods for reducing cancer risk’.

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