Google Doodle

Image: Google

Google Doodle is honouring the iconic street food of South Asia, Gol Gappa’ with an interesting game today (July 12th).

Gol Gappa’, Pani Puri, or Puchka is a favourite snack in Pakistan and India and is loved by people of all ages.

This savoury snack is made of crispy hollow balls filled with a variety of filling including chickpeas, booked potatoes, nimco, chutneys and onions. The balls are then filled with tangy and spicy water.

The search engine is celebrating Gol Gappa today because, on July 12, 2015, an Indore-based restaurant in India achieved the world record for selling the most flavours of puchkas.

To celebrate the success, Google is allowing users to play an interesting game by offering them an opportunity to complete the Gol Gappa orders

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