The Ministry of Interior in Pakistan has issued a notification authorizing the arrest, detention, and deportation of foreign nationals who are residing in the country illegally or have overstayed their visa validity. These directives came into effect after the deadline for such individuals to leave Pakistan had expired. As a result, authorities across the country have commenced actions against immigrants who do not have proper documentation.

It is essential to note that this measure has led to the repatriation of thousands of Afghan nationals, some of whom have been living in Pakistan for decades. The situation has been particularly challenging for those who were born in Pakistan and had never been to Afghanistan. The recent takeover of the Taliban in Afghanistan has only exacerbated the difficulties they face in returning to a homeland they have never known.

Caretaker Minister for Interior, Sarfraz Bugti, clarified that this operation targets individuals who are completely illegal, emphasizing that no refugees will be deported. He posted a video of Afghan nationals being sent back home as evidence of Pakistan’s commitment to repatriate individuals without proper documentation.

In the past, various governments have introduced amnesty schemes to address financial matters, such as legalizing black money. However, there have been no such arrangements to address the status of displaced individuals, who find themselves in a legal limbo.

This situation has sparked significant public outcry and criticism, especially in the wake of a heart-wrenching video that went viral, showing an Afghan child bidding farewell to his classmates. It serves as a stark reminder of the human aspect of this issue and the challenges faced by those affected by these deportations.

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