HBL Contributes Over Rs. 4 Billion to Social Uplift of Pakistan

HBL, with a decade-long commitment to social upliftment, has contributed over Rs 4 billion to Pakistan’s development. In 2022 alone, the Bank contributed over Rs. 580 million, showcasing its dedication to making a meaningful impact in the communities it serves. HBL recently launched its ‘Impact & Sustainability Report – 2022’ in Karachi, highlighting its role as “More Than Just a Bank.”

As part of its focus on inclusion, sustainability, and community development, HBL is actively working towards reducing its own emissions, expanding its Green Banking portfolio, reaching a customer base of over 34 million (including 4 million women), and supporting healthcare, education, arts, and social development initiatives through the HBL Foundation. Upholding the principles of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), HBL’s commitment to good governance and Corporate Social Responsibility goes beyond charitable giving, encompassing its daily business operations and fostering care for the physical and social environments.

The significant contributions of HBL Microfinance Bank have positioned it as the largest provider of microfinance and SME services in Pakistan. As the country’s leading banking group, HBL aims to lead by example and drive positive change. The bank’s unwavering commitment to sustainability plays a vital role in developing the agricultural sector, promoting food security, and investing in relevant learning and infrastructure.

Commenting on the report, Sultan Ali Allana, Chairman of HBL, stressed the need for collective action and commitment to address sustainability challenges. As the bank looks ahead, it continues to prioritize innovation and solutions that support growth and enhance the quality of life for its employees, customers, and the people of Pakistan.

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