The race for the FIFA 2026 qualifiers is intensifying, and Pakistan is set to face challenging opponents in Group G of the second round. However, before that, they must overcome Cambodia in a thrilling two-legged tie during the first-round qualifiers.

The first leg of the qualifiers will take place on 12th August, hosted by Cambodia, while Pakistan will host the return leg on 17th August. The team that emerges victorious based on the aggregate score will progress to the second round.

This second round is not only crucial for the World Cup aspirations of the teams but also holds significant implications for the AFC Asian Cup, which will be hosted by Saudi Arabia. The top two teams from each group in the second round will secure their spots in this prestigious tournament.

With such high stakes, the Pakistani team is gearing up to challenge some of the strongest contenders in Asian football. The composition of Group G promises an exciting mix of football styles, making the matches highly anticipated by fans.

As the second round approaches, all teams involved see it as a major milestone and a proving ground for their potential in the global football arena. The world eagerly awaits to see which teams will rise to glory in both the World Cup and the AFC Asian Cup.

Here is the complete draw for the FIFA 2026 qualifiers:

Group A: Qatar, India, Kuwait, Afghanistan/Mongolia
Group B: Japan, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar/Macau
Group C: Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore/Gaum
Group D: Oman, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Chinese Taipei/Timor-Leste
Group E: Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Hong Kong/Bhutan
Group F: Iraq, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia/Brunei Darussalam
Group G: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Tajikistan, Pakistan
Group H: UAE, Bahrain, Yemen/Sri Lanka, Lebanon
Group I: Australia, Palestine, Nepal, Maldives

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