During the first half of this year, a significant number of individuals, totaling more than 832,000, left Pakistan in search of job opportunities abroad, contributing to the phenomenon commonly known as the ‘brain drain.’ Among those who departed, approximately 400,000 were highly qualified young Pakistanis. This trend of emigration has been consistent over the past few years, resulting in a staggering total of 2.75 million young individuals leaving the country within the last five years.

Experts point to uncertain economic conditions, high inflation rates, and unemployment as the primary drivers behind this mass exodus. These challenges are prevalent across various regions of Pakistan. Reports indicate that, during the tenure of the current coalition government, over 1.2 million young individuals have opted for employment overseas.

Further analysis of the data reveals that, within the first six months of this year, a total of 832,000 individuals migrated to different countries across 40 sectors in pursuit of employment opportunities.

This group of emigrants comprises individuals with exceptional education and skills. The data showcases the departure of skilled workers from various professions over the past 18 months. Notable figures include 11,000 accountants, 11,000 engineers, 4,000 doctors, 34,000 technicians, and 37,500 managers.

Furthermore, professionals from diverse fields have also chosen to migrate, such as 4,000 nurses, 1,560 teachers, 29,000 electricians, 13,445 computer typists, 8,000 agricultural experts, 15,000 computer operators, 24,000 supervisors, and over 1,600 draftsmen.

Among the preferred destinations for these young Pakistanis seeking better job prospects, a majority have migrated to Arab countries, with 700,000 going to Saudi Arabia, 229,000 to the United Arab Emirates, 111,000 to Oman, and 90,000 to Qatar. Outside of the Middle East region, the data reveals that more than 8,000 Pakistanis migrated to Great Britain, while over 1,000 individuals chose other European countries as their preferred destinations.

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