Meta’s Threads, once the talk of the town with its explosive start, seems to have lost its momentum, experiencing a sharp decline in engagement by a staggering 70%.

During its initial days, Threads garnered an astonishing 100 million subscribers, sparking speculations that Twitter might lose its luster in comparison. The enthusiasm surrounding the platform was palpable, but unfortunately, Threads has struggled to maintain that excitement and keep its users engaged.

The diminishing engagement can be attributed to several factors, with the lack of captivating features being a prominent one. Despite being built on Instagram’s infrastructure, users have found Threads to be somewhat lackluster and uninteresting, leading to a waning interest in the platform.

Even though Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, expressed pleasant surprise at the overwhelming response to Threads during its launch, the reality is that sustaining that level of interest has proven challenging. Nevertheless, Meta’s team remains undeterred and is committed to enhancing the platform’s fundamentals and devising strategies to retain its user base. By addressing the current shortcomings and investing in improvements, Threads aims to recapture the excitement that once surrounded its inception.

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