Karachi is currently grappling with a pressing issue of illegal Iranian petrol sales rampant across the city. As per a recent media report, certain individuals have established unauthorized petrol distribution operations, frequently peddling Iranian gasoline in makeshift plastic containers.

This illicit trade not only poses severe threats to public safety but also undermines legitimate businesses and government efforts aimed at regulating the petroleum industry.

Local law enforcement agencies have taken cognizance of this alarming issue and are gearing up to address it. However, disconcertingly, the report also shed light on a disheartening twist – instead of cracking down on the illegal trade, some police officers were allegedly involved in purchasing gasoline from these illicit operators.

Additionally, past incidents have vividly demonstrated the perils associated with unrestricted gasoline sales in such unregulated environments. Karachi has witnessed multiple fires stemming from mishandling and improper storage of fuel, placing both lives and property in jeopardy.

In response, concerned citizens have fervently appealed to the authorities to take swift action against the hazardous and unlawful sale of fuel in these unsafe conditions.